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Deluxe Magic Set
Deluxe Magic Set And for my next trick"...This fantastic set includes ten professional caliber, yet easy-to-master, tricks for beginners!
Discovery Magic Set
Discovery Magic Set Abracadabra! This fantastic wooden set includes four easy-to-master tricks for beginners.
Djeco Magic Bibliothecam
Djeco Magic Bibliothecam - DJ09926 There have been mysterious happenings at the school of magic, the library books have been moved and mixed up... all by themselves!
Djeco Magic Calculum
Djeco Magic Calculum - DJ09923 The burn holes in the partilly scorched parchments reveal a series of numbers.
Djeco Magic Carivora Herba
Djeco Magic Carivora Herba - DJ09901 Step into the world of magic and wonder... With real magicians as its guide and inspiration, Djeco has delved into the secrets of magic and is now passing them onto children to enjoy.
Djeco Magic Experti Magus
Djeco Magic Experti Magus - DJ09969 A great gift for children who have learnt some basic magic or for older children who want to give magic a try, this Djeco 'Experti Magus' Magic Tricks set contains the props and instructions to learn 15 more advanced magic tricks.
Djeco Magic Fakir
Djeco Magic Fakir - DJ09937 The fakir is blessed with amazing powers of clairvoyance. He knows what sign you will pick even before you do!
Djeco Magic Flamma
Djeco Magic Flamma - DJ09942 Appearance - Disappearance The balls of fire fall through the goblets, move from one goblet to another...
Djeco Magic Malefica
Djeco Magic Malefica DJ09913 The tavern of the witch is really in a mess! Will the magician manage to put some order in her things?
Djeco Magic Mixtum
Djeco Magic Mixtum - DJ09903 Use your magic powers to make the medallion re-appear with this Mixtum Magic Trick set from Djeco.
Djeco Magic Mixturis
Djeco Magic Mixturis - DJ09905 Leg of frog, slime of toad and whole spiders are some of the ingredients in this book of magic potions but can you help the magician make them appear on the blank pages of his book?
Djeco Magic Noctuam
Djeco Magic Noctuam - DJ09930 A precious pearl has been discovered! But only the owl can keep watch,
Djeco Magic Oculus
Djeco Magic Oculus - DJ09922 A glistening cube is locked inside a black box... with the magician be able to see it through the magic eyes?
Djeco Magic Phiala Sacra
Djeco Magic Phiala Sacra - DJ09924 In the magical kingdom, the magicians are masters of all objects.
Djeco Magic Sacra Scarab
Djeco Magic Sacra Scarab kit Sacra Scarab is another fantastic disappearing and re-appearingmagic trick from Djeco.
Djeco Magic Serpentium
Djeco Magic Serpentium - DJ09943 Each day has its own colour in the kingdom of darkness. Will the snakemaster be able to turn his favourite item into today's colour?
Magic in a Snap Abracadabra
Magic in a Snap Abracadabra The tricks in this 10-piece collection are simple to master, yet truly amazing to behold. Easy-to follow illustrated instructions included! Age 4+
Magic in a Snap Flower Pot
Magic in a Snap Flower Pot Watch budding magicians blossom when they instantly master this super-cool professional caliber magic trick! Easy-to follow illustrated instructions Age 4+
Magic in a Snap Hocus Pocus
Magic in a Snap Hocus Pocus ​​​​​​​ The tricks in this collection are simple to master, yet truly amazing to behold. Easy-to follow illustrated instructions included. ​​​​​​​Ages 4+